Game Design

For kids aged 10 to 11
All children are unique, but they all love one thing – games! We teach them how to design their own, and to take their first steps in this highly sought-after profession
A hobby that
helps them grow
and reach for the stars
A hands-on coding experience
From simple tools for creating Roblox games to the basics of the Lua scripting language to make their games more complex and interesting
We pay attention to the interests of every child
Each student develops the plot and character design for their game themselves. The teacher helps them bring their ideas to life
Expanding horizons
In every class, we get acquainted with the words and terms used in the gaming industry, as well as the basics of time management
your own world
A project-based
As they progress, each child works on their own projects and creates unique virtual worlds. They pick their favorite category, design interesting content for it, and program unique 3D characters
Your child
will learn to
Code puzzles, logic tasks, and chat bots for games
Develop interesting content and characters, and select the game strategy they want to use
Create games using the Roblox Studio engine and writing scripts for them in the Lua programming language
Finalize and promote a game on the Roblox platform and attract new players to it
Choose a format
that works for you
  • Length: 1 academic year
  • Studying takes place on weekdays after school or at the weekends
  • A class lasts for 90 minutes with a break in the middle
  • Take classes from anywhere in the world
  • No time spent on travelling
  • Up to 8 kids per group
  • Classes at the Algorithmics school
  • In-person interaction with the teacher and fellow classmates
  • Up to 12 kids per group

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