Python Pro

For teens aged 14 to 17
Kids learn how to code in Python and test their skills in the most future-oriented IT fields, from game development to machine learning expertise
From beginners to
Programming in practice
We focus on solving concrete problems, not abstract tasks: how you can send a friend an encrypted message, or add a scoring system to your game
Real work experience
Kids learn the A to Z of creating IT products: ideas and project plans, distributing tasks, teamwork, testing and presentation
Portfolio of projects
Students put together a developer portfolio of 3D games, sites, bots and apps that they’d be proud to show an employer
We code
and create
A project-based
Our goal is to release an app that will take the market by storm! And also, to have fun along the way. We have an ocean of interesting tasks to try: from developing a handy habit tracker to detecting spam automatically on social media
learn to
Develop 3D games in the most popular genres, just like real game designers
Create websites using HTML and CCS, like real web developers
Extract useful information from large data sets and build models, like true data scientists
Launch mobile apps and present their products to a live audience, like real startup entrepreneurs
Choose a format
that works for you
  • Length: 2 academic years
  • Studying takes place on weekdays after school or at the weekends
  • A class lasts for 90 minutes with a break in the middle
  • Take classes from anywhere in the world
  • No time spent on travelling
  • Up to 10 kids per group
  • Classes at the Algorithmics school
  • In-person interaction with teacher and fellow classmates
  • Up to 12 kids per group

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