Game Development in Unity

A course for kids aged 12–16
Some kids don't dream of becoming actors, but movie directors - so they can share their vision of the world with other people. There are kids who don't want to play games, but instead create their own worlds. This course is for them. 
The Unity engine
Moving to a new level of game development having learned how to use one of the most popular game engines in the world
3D modeling
Creating realistic characters and game worlds using computer graphics
Basics of the C# language
We learn to write, read and use code in a real programming language to work in Unity and outside of it
Each lesson —
takes them to a new level
How our lessons work
The course is made up of two semesters: the first is dedicated to studying the Unity interface, 3D modeling and creating game levels, while the second focuses on programming and animation skills, and publishing real projects.
Every project —
is a unique game
A project-based approach
During their studies, each student creates a minimum of 8 projects - from a racing simulator to a role-playing game with its own plot and characters. They also learn to develop project code for a specific platform, so that the whole world will learn about their game!
Our students
To work with landscape and computer game physics: lighting, particles, collisions and connections
To program games in C#: moving objects through code, configuring scripts and adding complex mechanics
To create a menu, interface and project build, configure sound effects and prepare games for release
To come up with scenarios and develop games in the Unity environment, and present the results of their work
Choose your
preferred format
  • Duration — 1 study year
  • Studies take place on weekdays after school, or at the weekends
  • Lesson — 90 minutes with a break
  • Take lessons from anywhere
  • No need to spend time traveling
  • Up to 6 students in a group
  • Lessons at the Algorithmics school
  • Live discussion with a teacher and classmates
  • Up to 12 students in a group

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